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MyDNAPedia Fitness


1 test from 99€. Two tests from the same sample save -15%. Three or four tests from the same sample save -30%.

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MyDNAPedia analysis is divided in 4 separate tests:


In single analysis, you can include following combinations of the tests:

1 test for 99 € (Fitness or Nutrition or Wellbeing or Skin Health)

2 tests for 168 € (save 15%) (Pick two from Fitness / Nutrition / Wellbeing)

3 tests for 207 € (save 30%) (Fitness and Nutrition and Wellbeing all together)

4 tests for 277 € (save 30%) (Fitness, Nutrition, Wellbeing and Skin Health all together)


Aerobic fitness and anaerobic threshold potential
Maximal oxygen uptake potential
Muscle performance
Ultra-marathon performance and range of motion
Training motivation
Risk for Achilles tendinopathy
Risk for ligament injury
Risk for muscle injury
Risk for venous thrombosis
Risk for overweight and fat metabolism
Effect of processed meat consumption on colon cancer
Lactose metabolism*
Resistance to norovirus
Alcohol metabolism
Caffeine metabolism
Tasting bitter
Celiac disease**
Folate metabolism
Risk for low vitamin D level
Risk for osteoporosis
Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
APOE (Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease)
Hippocampus size
Cognitive operations
Sleeping rhythm and activity
Skin elasticity
Skin antioxidant capacity
Sun sensitivity and pigmentation
Tissue repair and wound healing
Risk for melanoma
Risk for basal cell carcinoma
Risk for psoriasis
Risk for rosacea


Shipping costs outside Finland are 20€ per order for orders less than 180€. One-way shipping is free for orders over 180€. Shipping costs to Finland are 10€ per sample collection box, including ready paid return. Free two-way shipping for orders over 200€ in Finland.

Sample return costs are not included for shipments outside Finland. To return your sample you can use your local postal service or your preferred courier.

After your sample arrives to our laboratory, it will take few weeks to receive your test report.

*Genetic variants related to lactose metabolism. The test is not for diagnosing lactose intolerance.

**Genetic variants that affect the risk of gluten intolerance. The test is not for diagnosing celiac disease.